We are happy to announce that the Friendly Workshop on Diophantine Equations and Related problems (FWDERP-2019) will be held at Mathematics Department in the Arts and Science Faculty of Bursa Uludağ University from July 6 to July 8, 2019 as a satellite workshop of Journées Arithmétiques 2019 in Istanbul.

The main idea of this workshop is to bring up new problems and relatedly, to share current results, to have the maximum possible time for discussions. So for the talks will be kept at minimum level.

Scientific Committee:

Michael A. Bennett (University of British Columbia)
İsmail Naci Cangül (Bursa Uludağ University)
Kálmán Győry (Universtiy of Debrecen)
Gökhan Soydan (Bursa Uludağ University)
Alain Togbé (Purdue University Northwest)

Local Organizers:

Deniz Alaçam (Bursa Uludağ University)
İsmail Naci Cangül
 (Bursa Uludağ University)

Müge Çapkın (Bursa Uludağ University)
Musa Demirci (Bursa Uludağ University)
Elif Kızıldere (Bursa Uludağ University)
Mert Sinan Öz (Bursa Technical University)
Ümit Sarp (Balıkesir University)
Gökhan Soydan (Bursa Uludağ University)

See you in Bursa!

Gökhan Soydan and Alain Togbé